The Rule of Three : Fight for Power by Eric Walters

August 19, 2014

Fight for power pic The Rule of  Thr3 : Fight for pow3r : by Eric Walters

346p.; c.2015 (?) : published by razorbill/ Penguin Canada

[ARC] :generously supplied by V. Vansickle [razorbill]


It is the brilliant compelling cover art that attracts your attention right from the start demanding  you open and begin reading!


The reader is not disappointed as the mind bending intense dramatic twists and turns that began  in author Eric Walters’ blockbuster book The Rule of Three‘ accelerates in the explosive sequel  “Fight for Power”.


As the opening line is being yelled out by one of the central characters, it launches you  back into the world where the struggle to fight and exist is all too real.

Conflict, chaos, turmoil, uncertainty, all factors that resulted from the initial viral catastrophe, now take on new dimensions as sixty-six days later Adam and the fortified community of Eden Mills reluctantly accept that this could now be the ‘norm’.

Time is now of the essence for survival and as no clear resolution seems imminent, sixteen year old Adam and those around him, face hard choices and irreversible decisions.

Conventional thought is questioned and desperation becomes an element that plagues not only those outside the walls of Eden Mills, but also those within.

A gripping, apocalyptic science fiction/action book that will keep you at the edge of your seat and out of your comfort zone, as it reveals what can happen when the veneer of civility is stripped away and basic human nature reasserts itself, leaving humanity clinging at the edge!


Highly recommended for readers of all ages!



The Rule of 3 by Eric Walters [ a brilliant new Dystopian novel!]

February 24, 2014


  The Rule of Three3  by Eric Walters

  published by razorbill/Penguin Canada ; 404p. ; c2014

It was the dramatic boldly coloured cover of Walter’s latest book, The Rule of Three3, that captured and intrigued me from the start.

In no time, I became completely absorbed by this realistic and disturbing premise and by my own simultaneously personal question of, ‘what if ” this situation really occurred?’  Could this be a possible outcome to humanity – a dramatic reaction to a shocking ‘global viral catastrophe’?

This thought alone, made me want to halt my reading. But it was these same disturbing thoughts that compelled me to continue. Though the story feels almost science fiction-like, one only has to think back to recent global weather events that resulted in similar scenarios.

One quickly realizes that the veneer of civility is shed, if one is without all the computerized driven technologies that have become such an integral part of today’s society.

Through the eyes of sixteen year old Adam, we witness the fear of a seemingly local (innocent) power loss, escalate as the days increase without resolution, to an atmosphere of disorder, feuding, vandalism and desperation. As more time elapses, Adam and his family … with the help of a astute neighbour…try to combat the ever violent disorder and chaos surrounding their suburban neighbourhood into something more orderly…a necessity for survival.

Unfortunately what once was the norm, now has to be re-thought , a mentality, that not all can conform to.

Sacrifice and survival become the key, if any shred of what civil end humanity is to be retained.

This is a strong read, that will challenge the reader to think beyond the box!

Truly a  story of  “what ifs”!

Highly recommended!!

For Intermediate and Senior students

Skeleton Key: The Graphic Novel by Antony Johnston and Anthony Horowitz

January 19, 2011

Grade Level: 6 – 8

Fountas and Pinnell Level: O

Theme:  Adventure, Good and Evil

Genre: Science Fiction, Action

Alex Rider is hired by the CIA to divert attention from his “mom and dad” spies.  He, however, sees himself as more of an accomplice until the real spies are killed, and he willingly takes over.  This action-packed graphic novel comes filled with everything from atomic bombs to James Bond gadgets such as expanding chewing gum. 

This was actually the first graphic novel I’d ever read.  I found it a very quick and enjoyable read, although it took me a little while to get used to “reading” the pictures as well as the text.  My students enjoyed the action of this book, and very few of them abandoned this great story.

ISBN-13: 978-0399254185