Two Times a Traitor by Karen Bass

March 2, 2017


Two Times a Traitor is the newest endeavor by multi-nominated and celebrated Canadian author, Karen Bass. [Junior Library Guild Selection]

Published by Pajama Press ; c 2017

Two Times a Traitor is a surprising departure from what YA readers have come to expect from this dynamic author.

Laz Berenger  a strong-willed 12 year-old reluctantly finds himself visiting the historic Halifax Citadal with his family. The ever present friction between he and his father explodes while touring the Citadal, and Laz in defiance, takes off on his own. His explorations take him to a section of the Citadel where an unforeseen accident occurs. Laz  suddenly finds himself faced with a knife to his throat and his bravado rapidly dissipates when he realizes that he is no longer in 2017, but has been transported to the historic period of 1745. He finds his loyalty and perseverance tested repeatedly as he tries to earn back his St. Christopher’s Medal and perhaps the key back in time?

Readers will be swept up and away in this riveting richly detailed, middle-grade historical/time travel nail biting adventure, and into the pages of an exciting part of Canadian history!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! [for Junior and Intermediate readers!]


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ARC: generously supplied by Pajama Press in exchange for an honest review.




Blood Brothers in Louisbourg by Philip Roy

March 7, 2014

blood-brothers  Blood brothers in Louisbourg  by Philip Roy
Published by Cape Breton University Press; c2012
137 p,

  Genre: Canadian historical fiction ; First Nations history

Alternating chapters gives the reader a dual perspective to two time lines that are on an intersecting course  unknown to the central characters — Jacques and Two-feathers.
During the reign of King Louis XV, a young French educated teen, suddenly finds himself ripped from the fabric of all that is familiar. He sets sail on a ship bound to New France into the unknown, with a father he hardly knows.
Arriving at Fortress Louisbourg, young Jacques dons an ill-fitting uniform and is thrust into the harsh, unforgiving military world that his father idolizes.
At a similar moment in time, in the untamed wilderness surrounding the Fortress, a young Mi’kmaq warrior called Two-feathers is on his own quest to find the father he never met.

This is the story of two young men – “both seeking to understand their father” unknowingly linked by the bonds of their heritage.

Mr. Roy has created a moving historical tale that touches on a part of Canada’s past that is often overlooked — observations from both inhabitants – those ‘discovering’ Canada and from the First Nations.

It is an engaging story that can be used as a read aloud as it ties in with the school curriculum and can spark many debates and /or discussions within the classroom!


Grade Level: Grade 7 -9
Interest level: Grade 6-9

Highly recommended!

Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver

November 25, 2010

Fountas and Pinnell Reading Level: R

Grade Level: 5 – 7

Genre: Adventure

Theme: Survival/Coming of Age

Torak, a preadolescent boy, travels through the forest to fulfil a promise to his father to rid the forest of a demon-possessed bear.  He meets various challenges: human and personified, and slowly becomes aware of special gifts he has to help him.

The characters, well-developed setting and a touch of magic in this book lead to a plot which grabbed me from the beginning.  I was unable to stop!  The grade 7 boys in the group loved the adventure and non-stop action.  I was able to guide excellent discussions about strength of character and connection with nature at an age-appropriate level.

– 2004

– ISBN # 1 84255 170 1, 234 pp

Betrayed : the legend of Oak Island by Christopher Dinsdale

April 20, 2010

Publisher: Napoleon Publishing
Author: Christopher Dinsdale
ISBN: 9781894917919
Publish Date: 2009-08-31
Pages: 292
Betrayed……..the name alone conjures up in the mind, a dark tree shrouded location, perhaps filled with murder and mystery.  This imagery was what made me pick up Christopher Dinsdale’s latest book.
I was not to be disappointed!
Set in a time when warring factions dotted the European landscape, this YA novel is a fast paced historical adventure that spans the shores of two continents and sweeps the reader into the life of young Connor MacDonald.  One fateful night, life changes for Connor as he and his mother are ‘rescued’ by the arrival of a group of knights. Heading this band of men is the legendary Henry Sinclair, prince, crusader, Templar Knight, and mysterious Earl of Orkney. Adopted into the Gunn household, Connor becomes like a second son to Sir Rudyard Gunn and so begins the adventure of a lifetime!
In an attempt to outwit the invading English from taking their “Holy most Holies”,  the Prince and his loyal crew of expertly trained Knights do the unthinkable…..they follow in the path of the ancient Viking mariners and sail to the ‘undiscovered lands of the west’. Intrigue, mystery, secrecy and murder stalk Connor and the brave men on this voyage to “sanctuary”.
Reminiscent of the popular adult book, the Da Vinci Code, this young adult novel, also steeped in ancient mystical legends and skillfully intertwined with fact, is an exciting tale that will surely engage any reader!
Reading Ability: Grades 5 and up / Ages 10 and up.
Genre:  Historical fiction; Adventure
Theme: Crusades; Native peoples; Knights Templar; Courage; Honesty; Determination; Friendship
Who would like this book?  Anyone looking for an adventure into the time of the Crusades, Knights, Explorers, Heroes
Similiar Reads: Stolen away by C. Dinsdale; Blood Red Horse by K.M. Grant;  Green Jasper by K.M. Grant; Black horses for the King by A. McCaffrey
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