Blood Oath by Don Cummer

published by Scholastic Canada

published by Scholastic Canada

Blood Oath by Don Cummer

published by Scholastic Canada

c.2015; 231 pages

[a companion to Brothers at War and A Hanging Offence]

Blood Oath. Two, short powerful words that can define a multitude of things. An oath can mean to be a pledge, a bond, a vow …. an affirmation…they are all words that play a pivotal part in the telling of this story.

Author Don Cummer has chosen to chronicle a little known part of Canadian history by creating a narrative that is fast pace and riveting. Jake and Eli began their friendship by relying on each other in their daily lives. Neither could guess how much that bond would be repeatedly tested in the months that led up to and included one of Canada’s most celebrated wars, The War of 1812.

Cummer skillfully crafts a descriptive layered story that is enriched through the use of alternating perspectives. This allows a better understanding into the protagonists, as they often are witness to the same event. The view points taken by Jake and Eli are a reflection of family values and attitudes during a time period when friendships and loyalties are as flexible as the direction of the winds of change.

This is a tale full of adrenaline, heart pumping adventure that is sure to test the reader’s loyalities until the last page!


[Grade 4,5,6,7]


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