The Rule of Three : Fight for Power by Eric Walters

Fight for power pic The Rule of  Thr3 : Fight for pow3r : by Eric Walters

346p.; c.2015 (?) : published by razorbill/ Penguin Canada

[ARC] :generously supplied by V. Vansickle [razorbill]


It is the brilliant compelling cover art that attracts your attention right from the start demanding  you open and begin reading!


The reader is not disappointed as the mind bending intense dramatic twists and turns that began  in author Eric Walters’ blockbuster book The Rule of Three‘ accelerates in the explosive sequel  “Fight for Power”.


As the opening line is being yelled out by one of the central characters, it launches you  back into the world where the struggle to fight and exist is all too real.

Conflict, chaos, turmoil, uncertainty, all factors that resulted from the initial viral catastrophe, now take on new dimensions as sixty-six days later Adam and the fortified community of Eden Mills reluctantly accept that this could now be the ‘norm’.

Time is now of the essence for survival and as no clear resolution seems imminent, sixteen year old Adam and those around him, face hard choices and irreversible decisions.

Conventional thought is questioned and desperation becomes an element that plagues not only those outside the walls of Eden Mills, but also those within.

A gripping, apocalyptic science fiction/action book that will keep you at the edge of your seat and out of your comfort zone, as it reveals what can happen when the veneer of civility is stripped away and basic human nature reasserts itself, leaving humanity clinging at the edge!


Highly recommended for readers of all ages!




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