Mouse Tales by Philip Roy

dedut children's book by award winning author Philip Roy 

Mouse Tales by: Philip Roy

Illustrated by: Andrea Torrey Balsara

Series: Happy the Pocket Mouse; Book 1

Published by Ronsdale Press, c2014

Grades: Kindergarten to Grade 3


Happy is a mouse who asks his friend, John, to tell him a story in order to get to sleep. However, Happy’s bravado is tested, when John begins his story and John is left with a very unique challenge!

This debut children’s story by CLA and Red Maple nominated author, Philip Roy, is a delightful tale that echoes what every young child asks of a parent…to read them to sleep. We are made aware that what can seem like an ordinary story to an adult, is heard ‘differently’ by a child.

The author has skillfully written a tale that is underlined with tried patience, humour, courage …. and more!

A heartfelt story that is further enhanced by the vibrant colourful and expressive illustrations of Andrea Torrey Balsara.


This story of a endearing little pocket mouse, is destined to become a beloved book, begged to be read aloud, over and over again!



Highly Recommended!!


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