One Thousand Tracings: Healing the Wounds of World War II

  Themes: generosity, compassion, war

Genre: historical fiction

Grade /Reading Level: Junior/Intermediate

Interest Level: Grade 4+


In this touching tale, an American family tries to help ease the lives of Europeans who are starving during the aftermath of World War 11. Through the exchange of letters an outpouring of kindness helps families who are living across the world. Thousands of foot tracings are sent to America and one family enlists the help of those in their community to help provide shoes and food for many victims of the war. The story shows how one selfless act can become an event that leaves a lasting impression on thousands. An excellent book to use for character education, it will allow for discussion in junior and intermediate grades. The book contains photographs and clippings that were found in the attic of the author’s grandparents.  This story is based on actual events in the lives of the author’s grandparents.

Study Guide Links:

Link to Author’s Tracing page:

Author Interview:


Podcast review:



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