Extreme Earth

      Extreme Earth – 100 facts

      ISBN:  978-1-84810-232-3

     Pages 48

     Author:  Miles Kelly

     Genre:  Non-Fiction

    Grade level:  4-7


     This non-fiction text explores various land features and discusses different types of natural disasters.  There are quick facts given on each type of feature, for example Fact 18 talks about the world’s longest river and Fact 44 tells us that deserts aren’t always hot.  There are little blurbs about each fact that would interest and engage young readers.  Real natural disasters that have occurred are presented in an educational manner.  Facts are enhanced through pictures, diagrams and cartoons.  There are inserts of quick quizzes and “I Don’t Believe It” boxes.  This text would be an excellent resource to illustrate the various text features associated with a non-fiction text.  It would be suitable for Grades 3 and 4 as a guided reading text or teacher directed activity, and would interest the older students from Grades 5 to 8 as an independent reading activity.  I would recommend this text as a resource in the junior/intermediate classroom.


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