Author: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor                           

ISBN: 0-439-59725-8

Themes: justice, friendship, family, growing up, animal welfare

Genre: realistic fiction

Grade /Reading Level: Grades 5

Interest Level: Grades 4-8

 Summary: 1992 Newbery Award Winner  

Marty Preston, like every young boy, wants a dog to call his own.  His family however has fallen on hard times and a dog would simply be one more mouth to feed.  After finding a beagle near his home, Marty thinks his dream is about to come true.  The dog, who he names Shiloh, belongs to Judd Travers who is notorious for abusing his animals.  After trying to unsuccessfully hide Shiloh, Marty must deal with the consequences of his actions.  This is the first of three books dealing with Marty and Shiloh.  This book is of interest to  boys as well as all animal lovers.  It provided good discussion in my 5/6 classroom as well as with a grade seven group.

 The story has been made into a movie and follows the story line of the novel quite closely. 

Video Link:

 Study Guide Links:


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