ISBN:  0-688-11449-0

Grade Level: K-2

Author:  Kevin Henkes

Theme:  Empathy, Growing Up

In this story, a small mouse named Owen has a blanket that he adores.  The blanket is getting old and dirty and his neighbour feels that Owen is getting too old to carry it around.  Owen does not want to give up his blanket.  His parents try a variety of tricks to get him to give it up, including a “Blanket Fairy”, and “the vinegar trick”, but Owen somehow manages to cope and keep his blanket.  By the end of the story, the family comes up with a solution to make everyone happy.  Students can easily identify with Owen and can make connections with this text to their own lives. This text can be used as a guided reading text, a read-aloud for theme thinking, or as part of an author study.  An excellent story that I would recommend for a primary classroom.


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