Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

Grade Level: 5 – 7

Genre: futuristic fiction

Theme: Friendship, Morals, Adventure

Uglies was recommended by one of my students…a reader extraordinaire!  After reading it, I could definitely see what appealed to her.  In this futuristic North America, Tally turns 16 three months after her best friend Peris.  This would normally be no big deal, however at the age of 16 every “Ugly” goes through a drastic surgery to become “Pretty”.  These “Pretty”s do not interact or communicate with “Ugly”s. 

This transformation opens up lots of doors as far as classroom discussion regarding society’s opinion of pretty, and media’s role (perhaps it’s power) in guiding people’s opinions.  Another strong theme is what happens to those people who do not, or do not wish to fit into the world’s molds.

This is an easy read, and can be read with great interest without knowledge about the theme.

ISBN: 0-439-80611-9, 425 pp.


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