Why Gender Matters by Leonard Sax

Level: Adult

Genre: Non-Fiction

Theme: Gender

I first started reading this book because of my present teaching assignment: a class of 28 grade 7 GIRLS!  What I learned has really surprised me, and has gone on to guide much of my teaching this year.  Dr. Sax basically argues that the brains of girls and boys are different….not one better than the other, but biologically different.  He argues that the differences must lead to changes in the way we teach all-girl classes, all-boy classes, and mixed-gender classes.  He does not suggest that we change the material which we teach, but how we teach it.  He believes that many of the world’s social problems could be reduced through appropriate gender education.  Feelings, risk-taking behaviours, bullying, age and gender appropriate discipline, self-esteem, and drug and sex education are just some of the other topics that are explored through the lense of emerging brain research.

ISBN: 0-7679-1625-5

Pub: Broadway Books, 2006


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