Tell me why : how young people can change the world edited by Eric Walters

Eric Walters, editor.
Toronto, ON: Doubleday Canada, 2009.
214 pp., pbk., $14.95.
ISBN 978-0-385-66720-3

Forest of Reading: Red Maple Non-Fiction Nominee 2011

 Reading Level: Intermediate and Senior

Genre: Non-fiction; Global Social issues


Review by Karen:

Eric Walters has done it yet again! 

I found this book to be a very powerful, moving and inspiring book for young people and adults.  The question asked is “what can one person possibly do to make a differnece in the world?”

Walters profiles inspiring prominent Canadians (such as Craig Kielburger,Roméo Dallaire , Robert Munsch) , international activists (such as Jane Goodall)  and five amazing young people who share their wisdom, experiences, views and voices on how a single act can make a difference.”

Teachers can use this book as a read aloud where it can be used as a wonderful tool in showing students that a single action can make a difference. 

This is reinforced in Quill ‘n Quire:

These stories of resourcefulness and resolve serve as a reminder that anyone can bring about change, no matter how young or unconnected they may feel themselves to be. Tell Me Why effectively answers the titular question and inspires action.”


Highly recommended non-fiction read aloud! 

Book Trailer :


One Response to Tell me why : how young people can change the world edited by Eric Walters

  1. bookworm says:

    I’ve been using this book as a read-aloud with my grade 7 class. They have found the language to be very challenging, and depending on the chapter I’ve had to do some scaffolding. The themes have really interested them, and we have had lots of great discussions. When I use this book next, I’ll pick and choose the chapters more carefully instead of reading the whole book.

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