Castaways in Lilliput by Henry Winterfeld

Castaways in Lilliput is a wonderful childhood read. I remember my grade 5 teacher reading this book to my class and we absolutely loved it. I then read Henry Winterfeld’s other books, Detectives in Togas and Trouble at Timpetill.

Castaways in Lilliput starts off with three kids adrift in a raft. When they finally got to shore, they only found a miniature sized village. They discovered that they were actually in the modern Lilliput, the land that Gulliver travelled to in Gulliver’s Travels. The three children actually terrified the entire Lilliput population who tried to flee from the “giants”. The kids had to learn how cope in the tiny world and be accepted by the citizens of Lilliput.

It is great adventure story for kids who love to imagine living in a world that is similar to their own – but from a totally different perspective. I have since read this book to my grade 5 classes and although it was written in 1958, they connected with it. It is a heartwarming  read – that shows how people can adapt to different circumstances.

Reading ability:  Junior

Genre: Adventure

Theme: Coping, adapting to new circumstances

Who would like this book?  Kids who like adventure and imagining themselves in a fictional world that is similar to their own.


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