Big Fat Lies: Advertising Tricks by Slim Goodbody Corp.

 Big Fat Lies:  Advertising Tricks by Slim Goodbody Corp

ISBN: 978-0-7787-3931-9,  Copyright: 2008

32 pages

This text describes the tricks that advertisers use to make their products more appealing to people.  Persuasive advertising is outlined, including topics such as food stylists, nutritional value of foods and characters that are used in ads in order to appeal to children.  We follow the learning of Martina, a student who learns many advertising tricks and questions the reliability of advertisements.  She ends up learning how to make informed, educated decisions about what she purchases, and learns to set reasonable, attainable goals for herself.  This text lends itself to awareness of media literacy and includes many pictures and interesting facts to engage the learners.  Great discussion about connections can be generated after reading just a few paragraphs of this text.

Genre:  Non Fiction

Theme:  Media Literacy

Reading Ability:  Junior and Intermediate Grades

Who Would Like This Book?  Teachers who are presenting media literacy.  Those who are interested in advertising.


2 Responses to Big Fat Lies: Advertising Tricks by Slim Goodbody Corp.

  1. readergirl says:

    This sounds like a great way to get students to understand what the power of the Media has in their day to day choices!

  2. Fergie says:

    I’ve used this with a 7/8 group and found it quite useful in our media study.

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