Betrayed : the legend of Oak Island by Christopher Dinsdale

Publisher: Napoleon Publishing
Author: Christopher Dinsdale
ISBN: 9781894917919
Publish Date: 2009-08-31
Pages: 292
Betrayed……..the name alone conjures up in the mind, a dark tree shrouded location, perhaps filled with murder and mystery.  This imagery was what made me pick up Christopher Dinsdale’s latest book.
I was not to be disappointed!
Set in a time when warring factions dotted the European landscape, this YA novel is a fast paced historical adventure that spans the shores of two continents and sweeps the reader into the life of young Connor MacDonald.  One fateful night, life changes for Connor as he and his mother are ‘rescued’ by the arrival of a group of knights. Heading this band of men is the legendary Henry Sinclair, prince, crusader, Templar Knight, and mysterious Earl of Orkney. Adopted into the Gunn household, Connor becomes like a second son to Sir Rudyard Gunn and so begins the adventure of a lifetime!
In an attempt to outwit the invading English from taking their “Holy most Holies”,  the Prince and his loyal crew of expertly trained Knights do the unthinkable…..they follow in the path of the ancient Viking mariners and sail to the ‘undiscovered lands of the west’. Intrigue, mystery, secrecy and murder stalk Connor and the brave men on this voyage to “sanctuary”.
Reminiscent of the popular adult book, the Da Vinci Code, this young adult novel, also steeped in ancient mystical legends and skillfully intertwined with fact, is an exciting tale that will surely engage any reader!
Reading Ability: Grades 5 and up / Ages 10 and up.
Genre:  Historical fiction; Adventure
Theme: Crusades; Native peoples; Knights Templar; Courage; Honesty; Determination; Friendship
Who would like this book?  Anyone looking for an adventure into the time of the Crusades, Knights, Explorers, Heroes
Similiar Reads: Stolen away by C. Dinsdale; Blood Red Horse by K.M. Grant;  Green Jasper by K.M. Grant; Black horses for the King by A. McCaffrey
Author website:

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