Girl on the other side by Deborah Kerbel

Shoes….are sometimes taken as a symbol of what kind of a person we are….and in Deborah Kerbel ‘s   Girl on the other side, shoes do in deed become a personification of the two girls  in this novel.

Tabby Freeman and Lora Froggett…..two girls from opposite worlds… one is  a rich, popular, self-assured ‘queen-bee’ and the other a social outcast, who has been shunned and rejected by her peers since grade one. 

As the story progresses and perspective shifts from one girl to another, we are witness to a subtle transformation of both characters….for in their own world…each conceals a secret filled with loneliness and personal pain.  A succession of events and circumstances have the worlds of these two girls  colliding in a way that neither could have ever imagined!

 Kerbel’s sensitive portrayal of issues such as  bullying, humiliation and peer pressure makes this novel a very engrossing and thought-provoking read  appealing to many teens.

I found this book to be a fast-paced,  engaging read and the  accurate use of  teen vocabulary adds credibility to the story.    

Highly Recommended!!               

Reading Ability:  Grade 7,8,9  

Genre: Realistic fiction

Theme: Bullying; Teen Social issues; Peer Pressure; Family life; Friendship

Book Trailer on You Tube:


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