The Book of Michael by Lesley Choyce

 Michael Grove was sixteen when he was convicted of murdering his girlfriend.  He is tried as an adult and received a harsh penalty.  Six months into his imprisonment, the true murderer confesses.  Michael is released from jail, but soon realizes that his life will never be the same.  The author gives a very realistic portrayal of the struggles, thoughts and emotions a teenager might face while integrating back into society after being convicted of murder, even though proven innocent.  The book takes a very intimate and realistic look at the use of drugs and sexual relationships and how messed up life can get.  It reflects how bad decisions can lead to a path of self-destruction.  It reaffirms how families give strength to each other and how important those ties can be in a teenagers life.  This poignant portrayal will keep a young adult reader turning the page.


Reading Level: Grades 11, 12 (Senior, Young Adult)

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Theme: Courage, Morality, Values, Loss, Relationships

Classroom Support Centre: 25 Copies Available


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