Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City

Name of book: Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City by Kirsten Miller

Themes: Adventure, girl power, middle school, fun

At first I didn’t think that I would enjoy this book, however after the first chapter which I found a little shaky,  I really started to enjoy the originality of the characters and plot.  Kirsten Miller has created a fabulous book for middle school girls, and of course adults too, her group of Irregulars are entertaining to say the least. The Irregulars are a misfit band of outcasts from the Girl Scouts, all with interesting talents and abilities.  Kirsten used the name Irregulars “as a tribute to another group of young delinquents — Sherlock Holmes’s Baker Street Irregulars. The original Irregulars were Victorian street urchins who worked as spies and errand boys for the world’s most famous detective. They were given the tasks no adult could perform.” While Sherlock’s group was missing a female presence,  we are fortunate to have Kirsten give us  a group of strong, curious and  intelligent girls who are ready to take on any adventure.

This book will definitely develop devotees among middle school girls, the writing is witty and engaging and the lists that the narrator, Ananka Fishbein, makes are terrific! Check-out


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