The Dragon in the driveway by Kate Klimo

The fast paced action adventure  are what drew me to the first book and this installment in the series did not disappoint! The adventure into the realms of magic, courage and wonder  continue in the second book in Kate Klimo’s Dragon Keepers series! Jesse and cousin Daisy are on a quest to keep their dragon Emmy from the clutches of Dr. St. George.  In order to do this Jesse and Daisy need to keep track of his where abouts and what he is up to!  What they do discover leads them try and foil the disguised dragonslayer’s evil plan of enslaving the mythical creatures around and under Goldmine City and keeping Emmy safe!

This  series is certainly a great introduction for juniors who would like to step into the world of magic, dragons and fantasy!  I eagerly look forward to the next book!

Highly Recommended!           Series:  Dragon Keepers

Book 1 :  The Dragon in the Sock drawer  (April 2009 : 192p)                      Book 3:  The Dragon in the Library (May 2010: 224p.)


Reading Ability: Grade 4 and 5

Genre: Fantasy; Adventure and action

Theme:  Dragons; Hobgoblins; Mythical creatures; Good vs Evil; Friendship

Similar BooksJeremy Thatcher, dragon hatcher by Bruce Coville;  Hatching Magic by Ann Downer

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