Violet Raines almost got struck by lightning by Danette Haworth

Violet Raines is an energetic, animated and sometimes saucy young girl who is confronted at a critical moment of adolescence with change,  in the guise of a ‘newcomer’ named Melissa,   to her sleepy Florida town of Mitchell Hammock. She is unsure what to really make of this ‘big city girl from Detroit’ and what is could spell for her friendship with Lottie. As everything that Violet knows begins to change, she struggles with an entire range of emotions, from jealously, humour, stubbornness, anger and loyalty.  I smiled at Violet’s penchant for collecting words and keeping them in a shoebox and then combining her skill words with passion and honesty as she helps Lottie and her family with their financial difficulties.

This  truly sweet coming of age story  by Haworth reminded me of a book I read called : My One Hundred Adventure by Polly Horvath (Canadian Author)

Reading Ability: Junior  (grade 4, 5, 6)

Genre: Friendship; Tweens; Best friends; Jealousy; Coming of Age; Humour; Florida

Theme: Summer; Realistic fiction; Adolescence; Growing up; Childhood

Who would like this book?  Young girls ages 9 to 12

Teacher on-line resources:  Reading guide


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