Escape under the forever sky by Eve Yohalem

Escape under a forever sky by Eve Yohalem is a gripping read that captured my attention right from the beginning!  This  story of  thirteen year-old  Lucy  and her US Ambassador mother takes place in Ethiopia. The  over protectiveness of Lucy’s mother eventually leads Lucy to rebel and the consequences lead to the kidnapping of Lucy. Digging deep within herself, Lucy finds the courage and tenacity that allow her to escape her captors and  her survival in the harsh sub-African Savannah.  At one point the reader becomes as mesmerized as Lucy herself when she encounters a pride of lions on her flight to freedom. Despite Lucy’s ordeal, she is still awed by the  power of  the beauty of Africa and all the wildlife!  

What is even amazing is that this adventure story is loosely based on an actual event from 2005.

Reading ability:  Junior, grade 5, 6 and up

Genre: Adventure; Survival;  Africa

Theme: Realistic fiction; Kidnapping; Ethiopia; Africa; Courage

Similiar Books:  Alexandria of Africa by Eric Walters

Who would like this book?  Any girl or boy from Grade 5 up wanting to read about life on the African savanah, the people and wildlife.

Similar Read: The White Giraffe by Lauren St. John

Book Trailer:,book-info/store,kids/products_id,7950/


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