Philippa Fisher’s fairy godsister

New from the author of the best-selling Emily Windsnap series! A tale of a girl and her reluctant fairy guardian sparkles with magic and charm.

Philippa Fisher would like nothing more than to summon a fairy. Still, she is taken aback when Daisy, the new girl at school, announces that she is Philippa’s fairy godmother — or godsister, since they’re both the same age. Though the fairy is none too pleased with her mission, she is obliged to see it through and grant her human charge the customary three wishes. Now, if only Philippa would wish for something that makes her life better, not worse! With warmth and whimsy, the creator of Emily Windsnap whisks a traditional theme into a contemporary setting to tell a story of friendship, luck, and how we decide what we really want.

Both girls have important, life-changing lessons to learn that will shape their experiences and personalities for the better. The positive message, as well as the silliness involved, makes it a delight.

Reading Ability: Junior fiction

Genre: Fantasy; Adventure

Theme: Confidence; Friendship; Positive self-esteem

Who would like this book?:  This book might be more enjoyable to the eight to nine-year-old set, rather than middle-schoolers, however. (Philippa Fisher’s Fairy Godsister is a half-step above the beloved Junie B. Jones stories, and reads something like the A-Z Mysteries or the Ivy + Bean books.)

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