Conspiracy 365 by Gabrielle Lord

Kids not quite ready for the exploits of Jack Bauer may find Callum Ormond their gateway drug. He’s the teenage, mop-topped hero of Gabrielle Lord’s CONSPIRACY 365: JANUARY, the first installment of a 12-book series, with each one covering one month’s time, released roughly the same time apart.
CONSPIRACY 365 carries an online component as well, with a website that includes downloadable activities and puzzles. But that’s provided tween and teen readers will be able to pull themselves away from the story, which cunningly plays to this generation’s multimedia-stimulation savviness by plopping in notes, sketches and other visual elements to keep their attention.

Reading Ability: Intermediate (mature teen read)

Genre: Suspense/Mystery; Adventure

Theme: Courage; Family; Survival; Determination

Who would like this book?: Any fan of the tv show “24”, mystery and suspense stories and fast action!

Official 365 Movie trailer & Author interview on:

You Tube:


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