The Lacemaker and the princess

The Lacemaker and the Princess

I am always looking for historical fiction, and this one did not disappoint!

Inspired by an actual friendship between the French princess and a commoner who became her companion, the character Ernestine, daughter of a bailiff and companion to Therese (daughter of Marie Antionette), was based on a real person.  Isabelle who becomes a companion to the Queen’s daughter is torn between her family and the royal court tries to stay blind to the politcial unrest that is plaguing France’s people. All of the characters in this novel have constant, genuine personalities and the facts and timeline are accurate . Kimberly Brubaker Bradley offers a vivid portrait of life inside the palace of Versailles — and a touching tale of two friends divided by class and the hunger for equality and freedom that fueled the French Revolution.

Reading Ability: Junior/ Senior

Genre: Historical fiction, French

Theme:  Freedom; French Revolution; Class distinction

Who would love this book?: Girls reading about the Court of Versailles, the French Revoltion

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