The Dog Whisperer : Rescue dog by Nicholas Edwards and Ellen Emerson White


Dog Whisperer : the rescue   by N. Edwards 

Emily has dreams of drowning. Night after night, she’s being sucked under—until the third night. She realizes it’s not just a dream. It’s really happening to someone—or something. On the rocky shore outside her house, Emily finds a large dog. He’s barely alive, but she’s determined to save him. She can feel his pain—and his determination to live.
    The dog is brought to the vet. And with Emily’s help, he starts to improve. But is the bond between the girl and her dog something more? She can see what he sees, feel what he feels. And Zack seems to be able to read her mind, too. Is it possible that together, Emily and Zack can do more than read each other’s minds? Can they turn their powers to helping other people?

Reading Ability: Grade 5,6

Genre :  Realistic fiction/ Adventure

Theme : Bi-racial family

Simialr books: Where the red fern grows; Old Yeller; Lassie come home; Dragon by J. Edwards

Who would love this book?: Girls and boys interested in dogs,  adventure, mystery, and a little bit of the supernatural


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